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Wine Racks

Turning Closets

Into Wine Cellars

Turning Closets Into Wine Cellars OK, you fancy yourself as something of a wine connoisseur, and somewhere deep down you harbor dreams of a custom wine cellar to call your own.  Still space is tight in your home, and there is no cellar per se, or even an extra room to turn into the wine cellar of your dreams.  The good news is that one of the biggest misconceptions about wine storage can work to your advantage: namely that you need an entire room to devote to wine racks, refrigeration units, and your burgeoning wine collection.  Innovative Wine Cellar Designs would like to remind you that when it comes to wine cellar design a simple closet can be transformed into the cellar of your dreams.

Look around your home.  Chances are there's a closet whose primary purpose in life is to harbor a lot of junk you haven't looked at in years.  Wouldn't that space be better served housing your wine collection?  Unless your collection reaches numbers of well over 200 bottles or so a closet conversion or an under stair closet wine cellar may be the answer for you.

Innovative Wine Cellar Designs has been at the forefront of innovative wine cellar designs since 2001, and we can help you turn your closet in to a specialty wine cellar all your own.  We have cooling systems and wine racks that can work in any space, and will work with you design a custom floor plan that makes the most of your allotted space both aesthetically and in terms of functionality.  You'll be surprised at how affordable it can be to turn the small square footage of a closet into a wine storage facility.

Plus you'll finally have a reason to get rid of all that junk in your closet that you were never going to use again.  That alone may be reason to begin construction!

We offer comprehensive wine cellar solutions including custom or pre-configured racking and cooling systems that will turn your closet into a space worthy of your wine collection.  The next time you walk by that underused closet in your home see it in a different light.  See it as a wine cellar, and make it happen withe the help of Innovative Wine Cellar Designs.

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