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Revel Cellars

Decorative Elements

Your wine cellar should be an elegant yet comfortable environment for storing and enjoying your wine collection. By decorating your cellar to your taste, it transforms to not only a functional space, but a wonderful setting that immerses the senses. The decorative options are numerous, yet we have outlined some of them below.





Lighting is one of the best ways to control the overall mood of your wine cellar. Our designers utilize lighting systems that provide overall illumination for viewing labels, pouring, etc., while also implementing subtle accents and mood lighting for dramatic effect.


A stylized door is the perfect finishing touch to your wine cellar. From wrought iron masterpieces to simple wood craftsmanship, we can fit your cellar with a breathtaking entrance.


A wide variety of materials can be used in wine cellar flooring such as marble, tile, slate, cork and sealed hardwood. Your choice in flooring will have a great impact on the aesthetics and mood of your cellar.


Displaying a piece of fine art in your cellar is a great way to add a personal touch of your character. Imagine enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, in the comforts of your cellar, while appreciating the work of your favorite artist.


In addition to their many functional applications, countertops can compliment wine racking and add a great deal of ambience to your cellar. Available in a variety of materials and configurations, countertops can be custom fabricated to your liking.


If you have chosen to feature a table in your wine cellar, there is no doubt that it will be a center point of attention. Like many other decorative elements, tables can be constructed from a variety of materials and whichever you choose will make an impact on the mood of your cellar.


Need some ideas on how to decorate your wine cellar? We would love to help! Contact us today.


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