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Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Lighting

Lighting in a wine cellar is an important aspect of the cellar as a whole. Contrary to the popular myth, correct lighting in a wine cellar is not harmful to the wine, in fact, it is important to the cellars functionality.

When choosing lighting for your wine cellar, just as for any room in your house, you should first decide on the ambience you are trying to create. One of the most common methods for lighting a wine cellar is by using insulated can lights on a dimmer switch, which gives light to the whole room but can be adjusted to your desired level.

can lights

For a minimal amount of lighting to just showcase a few of your bottles, low voltage display row lighting can be used to achieve this.



Strategically placing eye ball type lighting can create a unique atmosphere and also highlight a focal point.

eyeball lights


For those who want to add a touch of flair to their wine cellar with lighting, chandeliers in any style can be used to create a unique feel.