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Refrigeration Overview

Why should I consider refrigeration for my wine collection?

Refrigeration systems are designed to keep your prized wine collection in an ideal environment to protect your investment.

To age optimally, wine requires a balance of temperature and humidity.  The temperature affects the rate of maturation while the right humidity keeps corks in good shape during the aging process.  Dry corks crack and allow wine to oxidize.  Excessively wet corks rot, causing the wine to become corked.

Wine collectors agree that the ideal temperature for maturing fine wines is 55°F-to-57°F and that the humidity should be carefully balanced between 50-to-70%. There are many options for wine refrigeration. We have outlined some of them below:


Split System Refrigeration

Our most common and highly recommened Mini Split Refrigeration systems are ideal for any cellar.  Split refrigeration systems are available in sizes from 1,500 BTU and larger and are built to last under the most demanding conditions.

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Ducted Air Handler

The Split Air Handler features remote location of the unit with supply and return ductwork to manage air flow.  The unit operates like a central air conditioning system and is just as quiet.  It comes equipped with electronic controls and digital displays.  Available options include humidifiers and alarm modules.  Properly equipped with the above options, the Split Air Handler gives you total control.

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WhisperKOOL Systems

WhisperKOOL is a cooling unit designed specifically to maintain temperature and humidity within a properly designed wine cellar.

WhisperKOOL has been specifically designed to fit between standard wall studs.  This requires a minimum of modification to existing wall structures.

The unit is equipped with a rear flange for mounting through a wall.  The flange allows the unit to be mounted directly to the wall and eliminates the need to build a support shelf. WhisperKool comes in several different models that will suit any wine cellar application.

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Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems

Completely self-contained and infinitely flexible, ducted systems are among the most versatile cooling systems on the market. Their design allows for easy installation and maintenance in both commercial and residential settings while providing optimal temperature and humidity control. With a variety of capacities and options, ducted units are capable of meeting the needs of virtually any wine preservation application

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