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Scottsdale: 480.538.1288
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Wine Cabinet


An entirely new and refreshing dimension in design, build, installation and refrigeration services defines Innovative Wine Cellar Designs.  Unique designs, innovation, quality materials, exceptional workmanship and a passion for excellence join to create a custom wine cellar of unmatched elegance and value. 

Residential Cellars

For the wine enthusiast, nothing quite matches the luxury and elegance of a custom built, in-home wine cellar. Our designers and artisans offer a complete range of custom options that let you tailor the look and feel of your cellar, creating a truly unique environment for you to enjoy the wines of the world.

Hospitality & Commercial Cellars

From hotels, restaurants, wine retailers, and more, our cellars are the centerpiece of countless hospitality and commercial environments. While these cellars demand the same quality and detail as residentail cellars, we often custom tailor special elements that are unique to hospitality and commercial industries.

Design, Build, and Installation

By overseeing every phase of the cellar construction process, we ensure no detail goes overlooked. Our designers begin your project by discussing your requirements and vision, and then drafting a construction plan. From elegant closet-sized cellars to cellars in magnificent mountainside caves, rest assured your project will be designed to reflect an extraordinary beauty and singular distinction.

Upon approval of the design, our artistans will construct your cellar to your exact specifications. Our team of craftsmen are in charge of the installation of your project, and it is at this time that decorative elements such as lighting, artwork, flooring, and furnishings are brought in.


Wine needs to be stored at an optimal temperature and humidity to ensure proper aging and longevity.  A temperature range of 55 to 62 degrees is recommended.  Our refrigeration specialists engineer for you an optimal and custom refrigeration system to meet these requirements.  Your wine will age gracefully to maturity for years to come.

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